SMART Solutions For Home Security

We offer practical and affordable solutions for Home Security. All of our solutions are tailored to your individual & family needs. We believe strongly in good Home Security, but that doesn't always mean an extensive "traditional" alarm system. 


Ring Doorbell

Professionally installed by us for $229

Price includes the Ring Door bell (in your choice of color), installation & setup on your smartphone. Call for more details.



Stand alone alert & alarm system

We can install a simple notification system that audibly alerts you indoors when anyone walks on your porch, driveway, backyard (or where ever you wish). Installed for $49

You can also have the ability to receive an instant text message when something happens at your home - such as if someone walks in you back yard, or opens a door. These systems are as low as only $199 installed (hub and one sensor).


You can get a whole kit for $299 installed, which includes the Hub, a motion sensor, a window/door sensor, a water leak sensor, and two light/lamp modules. With this system you can do all of the following (individually or all together):
• Get a text message when there is water on your basement floor.
• Turn on a light and receive a text when some one walks on your property/porch.
• Set your lights to turn on/off at any time or with sunset/sunrise - automatically.
• Receive a notification when your kids are home from school (via the door sensor).

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