Monitor & Control Your Home From Anywhere!

In today's world, we have Smart Phones that remind us of our next meeting, vehicles with sensors that alert us if our tire pressure is low, Television DVRs that know to record your favorite show automatically, even Microwaves with a popcorn button that makes perfect popcorn. With all these advancements with everything else, what about our homes?

By using Home Automation technology, you give your home a "brain" and makes your home a smart home. You can do countless things that give you Safety, Security, Peace Of Mind, Convenience, Comfort, and an element of coolness & fun.

• Automation technology can also be used in an apartment, condo, offices, restaurants and small businesses.

• System can be easily expanded as you want or need. Start small and affordable with out worry of expanding or getting the newest technology. 

• You are always in full control. No contracts, agreements, monitoring, or any type of company or person overseeing your system. Sensors are not tied to any one location, you can move and adjust at any time.

* home automation Special *

You can get a whole kit for $299 installed, which includes the Hub, a motion sensor, a window/door sensor, a water leak sensor, and two light/lamp modules. With this system you can do all of the following (individually or all together):
• Get a text message when there is water on your basement floor.
• Turn on a light when you walk in a room, and automatically off after leaving the room.
• Set your lights to turn on/off at any time or with sunset/sunrise - automatically.
• Receive a notification when your kids are home from school (via the door sensor).

What Can I Do?

Here is an excellent news report segment showing some of the advantages of home automation:

More Possibilities:

Set up a timed schedule or control items from your smartphone.

Lights, appliances, outdoor sprinklers, even your door locks. Staying late at work, and want to turn your lights on? Not a problem - just pull up the app on your phone and click the button. Don't want to worry about it at all? Have your lights turn on at sunset and off at sunrise - automatically.

Get an alert when anything happens.

Someone walks on your porch or in your backyard - get a text message and have an inside light turn on automatically. Know if your garage door is opened (or left opened) & control it too! Water on the bathroom or basement floor? Get notified instantly before the problem gets worse. Last, but certainly not least - get notified if your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors go off. 

What ever happens, you will know instantly and can take appropriate action.

Save Money. Add Comfort & Convenience. 

A big money saver is a using a programmable thermostat & having lights turn on and off automatically. You can also set appliances to turn off automatically so you don't waste energy.